ZooG MachineS

Analog Synth & Rhythm Box Live Compositions with Video Flux

Constantin Papageorgiadis: modified EMS Synthi A, Roland RS-09
Daniel “Wangodan” Wang : Metasonix D-1000 with Make Noise Wogglebug
Effects : Boss RE-20, Maxon PH-350
Gilles Peetermans : PyroVideo

ZooG 190621 Live @ Pêle-Mêle

Our first concert takes place during the Fête de la Musique, June 21 2019, at the Pêle-Mêle shop in Waterloo (B). Thanks to José, Julien and the whole team for a cheerful event!

Constantin Papageorgiadis (B)
Constantin is a famous figure in the EMS Synthi world, both technically and musically. A few years ago, this repairer and “modifier” of EMS synths restored the legendary Synthi 100 from the University of Ghent. This work allowed him to get in touch with many artists who work with these exceptional instruments. He plays in Kriminal Hammond Inferno as “Dr Zoog”, hence the name of this formation.

Daniel “WangoDan” Wang (B)
Drummer since 1978 (Kriminal Hammond Inferno, Contingent, Jenkinses, La Muerte, Blaine Reininger,…) and guitarist (PPz30, WangWay, Panopticon,…), fond of computers, music informatics and synths since the eighties. The collaboration with Constantin Papageorgiadis and Gilles Peetermans in Kriminal Hammond Inferno led to this new audio/video project, where he acts as synthetic rhythm section and percussionist.

Gilles Peetermans (B)
Trained as a photographer, his empirical research revolves around the interactions between image, sound and light. He creates with analog, chemical processes (Chemical Slide Show) and obsolete diffusion technologies (dias projectors, retro-projectors , VHS). Recently, a new hallucinatory configuration of video synthesizers has been created with ZooG MachineS: PyroVideo.

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